June 1 – Deshler & Fostoria Ohio

On June 1, 2017 I made my annual trip to Deshler and Fostoria Ohio.  Was a nice sunny day temperature was around 56 when I left.  Was a little chilly early, but warmed up later on.  I caught my first train rounding the curve on the south west wye just as I got out of the car at Deshler Crossroads park.

06:20 Deshler Crossroads Park    Q??? .  IMG_9220I did not catch the symbol for this train.  Was a loan UP 6454 leading. The sun had just barely come up as this train rounds the curve.


06:43  East end of Deshler  Q166-01IMG_9231 CP 8548 leading BNSF 7410 east.





06:59 Henry County Road 3 West side of Deshler Ohio  Q090-01  a couple of UP units leading this train east. IMG_9241 UP 8922 is in the lead.






07:25 N. East St CSX 171 IMG_9251crossing the diamond at Deshler Ohio. Deshler Crossroads park can be seen in the back ground.




08:03 N. East St Deshler Ohio Q342-01IMG_9275 heading east of the South East Wye.





08:28 N. East St Deshler Ohio Q200  EastboundIMG_9309






08:44 S. Keyser St.  Deshler Ohio  Q016 EastboundIMG_9326






09:26 Henry Wood Co. Line Road East of Deshler Ohio. Q0910-01IMG_9345 Westbound.





10:13 Round Head Road East of Deshler Ohio.  W201-31IMG_9374 Eastbound.  This train had a nice surprise.  BNSF 696 still in Santa Fe Warbonnet paint.



10:35 Weston Road Hoyteville Ohio L090 Eastbound.IMG_9394






10:49 Weston Road near Hoyteville Ohio ??? Eastbound.IMG_9415  I did not catch the train symbol for this one.




Had a break for lunch at Mc Donalds in North Baltamore.

12:57 TR47 East of Fostoria Ohio.  Q010 Eastbound.IMG_9447






13:04 TR 47 East of Fostoria Ohio Q386 Eastbound.IMG_9454






13:57 Fostoria Railfan Park  Fostoria Ohio NS 15EIMG_9484 splits the signals as it heads West towards Fort Wayne Indiana.




13:53 Fostoria Railfan Park Fostoria Ohio light engine move Southbound.IMG_9489  Would pull around the wye and back into the Norfolk Southern Blair Yard.



14:26 Fostoria Railfan Park Fostoria Ohio.   NS 27V Westbound. IMG_9500Would stop briefly waiting on a signal.




At this point I was tired and decided to head home.  Had been a busy day.  I was going to parallel the Norfolk Southern Chicago District tracks, but didn’t manage to find them.  Found several sets of CSX tracks.  Basically didn’t go far enough North to find them.  Decided to head home on US 6 toward Butler Indiana.  I did manage to get one more train on the way home as I stopped at County road 34 in Butler Indiana.

18:28  County Road 34  West end of Butler Indiana  NS 171 Southbound. IMG_9528 NS 171 throttles up after taking the siding for a Northbound train.



At this point I headed home for dinner and rest before heading back to work the next day.